Visual Essay
Instructor_Hyesung Park
Design & Animation
_Yewon Lee
_Director Adrian Erre & collaborator Mariona Botella

What do you do when you're behind closed doors?

This Visual Essay is about a guy who likes to dress like women. He likes to be home alone because he can do anything that he wants without worrying about how others see (judge) him. Home is where he feels safe but he sounds very lonely.
Four walls, a roof, a closed door. Director Adrian Erre and collaborator Mariona Botella, who conceived of the original idea, imagine a space within which our desires and fantasies—about being, without compromise, ourselves—can be realised. In this fun and fictitious film, the sole character, Max, stays home exactly to do what he wants to do—dress in his mother’s clothes and makeup, while expressing his fears, illusions, and physical and mental aspirations.
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